Custom Food Wrapping Paper Chicago

Are you in need of quality food wrapping paper for your business in Chicago? Look no further than Custom Food Wrapping Paper! Our wax paper, parchment paper and deli wrap are all customizable with your business logo or design.

These greaseproof papers provide excellent presentation for your food items while also ensuring safe packaging that follows FDA guidelines. 

Add a professional touch to your trays and baskets with our custom tray liners and basket liners. Our gator paper, burger wrapping paper, sandwich wraps and pita wraps are perfect for any type of food item.

Custom Food Wrapping Paper Chicago
100% Customization

100% Customization

Vivid Color Printing

Vivid Color Printing

Super Fast Delivery

Super-Fast Delivery

Why choose us for food wrapping paper?

  • Unparalleled Customization: Design your food wraps with all sizes, printing options and finishes to perfectly match your brand and product.
  • Extensive Material Selection: Explore a wide variety of greaseproof paper  including wax paper, parchment paper, deli paper and kraft papers
  • No Minimum Order: Order the exact number of sheets you need, from small batches to large quantities.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: Get your wrapping sheets quickly and efficiently with our streamlined production process.
  • Free Design Support: Our experienced design team will help you bring your vision to life,
Greaseproof Paper Chicago
Custom Parchment Paper
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Custom Wax, Deli, Parchment and Butcher Paper in Chicago,. IL

Welcome to the ultimate solution for businesses looking to stand out in Chicago’s bustling food scene. Whether you run a quaint cafe, a bustling food truck, a popular bakery, cater exquisite events or manage a grocery store or restaurant, your brand deserves the spotlight. What better way to shine than with custom food wrapping paper that speaks volumes about your quality and commitment to detail?

Our Products

  • Wax Paper & Parchment Paper: Ideal for lining baking trays for an easy release or wrapping sandwiches in style.
  • Deli Paper & Sandwich Wraps: Enhance the presentation of your delicacies with beautifully designed wraps.
  • Tray Liner & Basket Liners: Elevate the customer experience with custom tray and basket liners, showcasing your brand at every opportunity.
  • Specialty Greaseproof Wraps: From custom pita wraps and greaseproof papers to custom butcher paper, we tailor-make packaging solutions that meet your specific needs.

Incorporate your logo or any design that fits your brand identity with our custom logo paper and packaging options.

Why Choose Custom Food Wrapping Paper?

By choosing our custom food wrapping papers, you directly contribute to a safer, cleaner and fun dining experience. Here’s how:

  • Logo Branding: Your logo in every nook and corner of the city as people carry your custom food wraps.
  • Consumer Protection: Our original and greaseproof paper prevents food stains and keeps your product fresh and hygienic.
  • Business Growth: Establish your brand aesthetics and contribute to a memorable dining experience that brings customers back for more!

We offer an extensive range of custom products to cater to your needs:

  • Customized wax paper 
  • High-quality parchment paper 
  • Durable deli wrap 
  • Tray liners that make after-meal cleanup a breeze 
  • Customizable basket liners 
  • Custom burger paper and more!

And the best part? All our products are manufactured according to FDA guidelines and printed using food-safe soy-based inks for a cleaner, greener Chicago!

Quality and Compliance at Its Best

Our commitment is not just to aesthetics but also to health and safety standards. By using soy-based inks and adhering to rigorous manufacturing guidelines, we offer food-safe printing solutions that you can trust. With us, your food’s packaging is not just safe; it’s environmentally friendly too.

Ready to Wrap Your Brand in Quality?

Don’t miss the chance to make a lasting impression on your customers with every bite they take. Get in touch with us today to discuss your custom food wrapping paper needs in Chicago. Whether it’s custom wax paper, parchment paper or deli paper, we’re here to bring your vision to life.


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